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How to resign a director

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The memorandum of incorporation (MOI) determines the minimum number of directors and alternate directors, which, in the case of a private company may not be less than one director.  A customised MOI will also set out the eligibility requirements for a director as well as the directors’ term of office.  In the case of a standard MOI, the term of office is indefinite and there is no restriction on the number of directors. New directors may be elected by the Board of Directors when there is a vacancy or the company wishes to add directors.

With InfoDocs, resigning a director is quick and simple.

Step 1: In your company profile, navigate to the Directors tab, and click on the director you would like to remove.

Step 2: Under Actions, click on Terminate Appointment.

Step 3: Stipulate the resignation/removal date and the reason for termination and click Save.

Step 4: InfoDocs will automatically create an Ordinary Resolution and a Letter of Resignation. Download and save these documents and close the box. Alternatively, you can access these documents later in the [Documents tab]( under PDF Templates. Proceed to select the Submit to CIPC option.

Step 5: In order to finalise this appointment and send the following supporting documents to []( with the tracking number as the subject:

Signed COR39 form (minimum 1 director)
Signed special resolution
Letter of Resignation
Recently certified IDs of directors (within 3 months).
A mandate from the company if the changes are being made by a third party

Please Note: The records on InfoDocs will reflect as pending until the director amendments have been accepted and placed on file by CIPC.

Service turnaround time with CIPC is between 1-5 working days. You will receive a certificate from CIPC when the changes have been successfully lodged. Save this in the Documents tab to upkeep your company records.

Updated on: 23/05/2023

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