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How to appoint a director

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InfoDocs is the only company secretarial software to integrate with the CIPC. Let’s show you how easy it is to appoint a new director on CIPC from InfoDocs.

Step 1: Select the company you are working on and head to the Directors tab. On the far right, click Appoint Director.

Step 2: If the director you are appointing already exists on your profile use the Individual Search to automatically populate their details. If not, manually fill in their details and click Next.

Step 3: Fill in the appointment date and type of appointment. Once you are satisfied with all of the information, click Save.

Step 4: All the director details have now been captured. If you would like to make additional changes click Appoint Another Director or Terminate Existing Director. When you have successfully captured all your changes click Submit to CIPC.

Step 5: Success! You have submitted a director change to CIPC. InfoDocs will generate the required documents, you can download and save these documents, or find them in the Template Library later.

Step 6: InfoDocs will also email you all the required documents along with the COR39. You can simply forward this mail to the directors to sign.

Step 7: In order to finalise this appointment and send the following supporting documents to with the tracking number as the subject:

Signed COR39 form (minimum 1 director)
Signed special resolution
recently certified IDs of directors (within 3 months).
A mandate from the company if the changes are being made by a third party

Please Note: The records on InfoDocs will reflect as pending until the director amendments have been accepted and placed on file by CIPC.

Service turnaround time with CIPC is between 1-5 working days. You will receive a certificate from CIPC when the changes have been successfully lodged. Save this in the Documents tab to upkeep your company records.

Updated on: 23/05/2023

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