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How to resubmit a director change

Resubmit a pending director change on InfoDocs to update the information or restart the process.

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Step 1: Log in and select your company, then go to the Directors tab and click Resubmit To CIPC.

If you don't see this option, it's because you do not have any pending directors. Refer to how to submit a director change.

Step 2: Confirm the director details and click Save.

If you would like to submit more changes, click Appoint Another Director (bottom) or Terminate Appointment (under the specific director).
For South African citizens, the ID number, surname and issue date (South African ID book or card) must match the records on Home Affairs or the transaction will be blocked when we attempt to submit to CIPC.
For non-citizens, the director must be verified on CIPC's foreigner assurance system before they can be appointed. For more information on this process, read how to verify a foreign director.
For affected directors (those with a status change), their contact details must be up-to-date and match the records on CIPC as they will receive one-time pins (OTPs) via email and SMS. If neither contact details match, we will send you a request to update them on CIPC or on InfoDocs and then resubmit.

Step 3: Confirm the company details and click Next.

Step 4: Select the supporting documents and click Upload.

For more information on verified/certified IDs, refer to the CIPC requirements for certification.
Other supporting documents will be produced automatically and can be downloaded by clicking the document name.

Step 5: Success! The transaction has been submitted to CIPC and we will notify you once the OTPs have been sent by CIPC.

Verify the OTPs via the link provided by CIPC (we will send you a reminder).
Once verified, the confirmation document (COR39) will be sent to you automatically.

Please Note: The records on InfoDocs will reflect as pending until the director changes have been approved by CIPC.

Updated on: 20/02/2024

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