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Directors not updating on InfoDocs?

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You have just submitted a director change, but the director status on the company’s profile is stuck on “Pending”. This might be a problem when you urgently need to print registers or resolutions.

There could be a number of reasons why the director status has not been updated.

1. You submitted the director change through CIPC:
When submitting a director change through CIPC instead of directly through InfoDocs, there will be a slight delay in the information pulling through from CIPC.

This is why we encourage clients to do their director changes directly through InfoDocs, so the information is readily available for official use. If the change was already lodged with CIPC weeks ago, and the director status still hasn’t updated (and the change is quite urgent), simply contact, and request a manual update of the status from one of our friendly support staff.

2. There are discrepancies in director details:
Often, a director change is submitted but fails due to an error report. This error often arises due to incorrect director contact details or ID numbers, even misspelled names or surnames. It is therefore very important to have the correct spelling of new (and old) director names and surnames, correct ID numbers, the correct physical addresses, email addresses, and contact numbers. If these details are not correct, the submission will continue to fail.

Updated on: 23/05/2023

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