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How to file a director change for a primary co-operative

Director changes for primary co-operatives are not done via CIPC eServices and are a manual process.

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Step 1: Fill out the CO-OP2 form to reflect the changes in the board of directors.

Step 2: In order to finalise the director change, send the CO-OP2 form and the following supporting documents to
Certified IDs for the directors affected by the change
A mandate from the company if the changes are being made by a third party
A signed special resolution of the minutes of the meeting. This resolution must be signed by either a Chairperson, Secretary, Officer or Manager
An attendance register must be signed by all attendees
A letter of resignation of a director in the case of a director's resignation
A death certificate in the event of a deceased director

In the case that a director has been removed:
A completed CO-OP2 form
A signed special resolution. It must be evident that the director being removed was given the opportunity to make a presentation in the meeting.
A statement outlining the reasons for the removal
A signed minutes of the meeting stating the resolutions taken
A signed attendance register of all attendees
Certified IDs for the directors affected by the change

Step 3: CIPC will email the confirmation document once they've reviewed and approved the director change.

Please note: IDs of director need to have been certified within the past 3 months of the change and the number of directors must at all times be within the minimum and maximum number of directors as specified in the constitution of the co-operative.

Updated on: 12/02/2024

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