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How to resign an auditor

An auditor plays a vital function in reinforcing the reliability of financial information by assessing the financial statements of the company and making sure that the information fairly presents the financial condition and past performance of the company.

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Step 1: From the Company tab navigate to Company Admin and under Actions, click on Change Auditor.

Step 2: In the box that pops up choose the option to Resign existing auditor only.

Step 3: Next, stipulate the date of resignation, and the reason for termination. Click Save to continue.

Step 4: InfoDocs will automatically generate a Resolution and Consent to Act. Download and save these documents, or find them in the Template Library later, then click Submit to CIPC.

Step 5: In order to finalise this appointment, send the following documents to

Verified/Certified ID – Newly appointed auditor
Ordinary Resolution – Auditor Resignation (to be signed by the Board)
Letter of Resignation – to be signed by the resigning auditor)
Auditor Change – COR44 (to be signed by an existing director)

For more detailed information regarding the finalisation of this appointment, please see the CIPC article on the subject here.

Updated on: 09/06/2023

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