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How to file annual returns with FAS

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Annual returns are the yearly fees that must be paid over to the Companies Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC) in order to keep your company registered. With InfoDocs you can manage and submit all your annual returns from one place.

Step 1: Choose the company you would like to submit an annual return for and on the right-hand side of the dashboard click File Annual Return.

Step 2: You will be shown a pop up. Select Begin.

Step 3: Once you have selected Begin. Proceed to fill in the number of shareholders, the number of employees, the turnover (total sales) during the financial year, and the total third party debt at the financial year end. Click Next once done.

Step 4: You will then be asked some questions about the company and asked to stipulate how the financial statements were complied. Click Next after you have completed this.

Step 5: If your answers indicate you have to submit via FAS simply fill in the turnover for the outstanding year, the person responsible for recording and maintaining accounting records, the person responsible for preparing financial statements and reports, and the person performing independent review of annual financial statements in their respective fields.

Step 6: Click Next. Review the business information, add the business description and indicate if the business status and address in the respective fields.

Step 7: A summary window will pop up to give you a break down of your fees. This will be made up of:

Your annual return fee to CIPC (based on your turnover as per below table)
Any penalties due to late submission
A small transaction fee

Click Pay Now. Please ensure that information you have submitted is correct before you submit the annual return filing to CIPC, if you would like to double-check or change something click esc.

Step 8: Success! You have submitted your annual return! Make sure you keep them up to date to avoid company deregistration and being non-compliant. You will receive the confirmation certificate from InfoDocs via email, as soon as the return has been successfully submitted.

Updated on: 04/09/2023

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