How do I reprint a share certificate?

All companies are required to keep a register of certificated shares (also known as a “share register”). At any time, there may only be one original signed share certificate, and this must be kept in a safe place. Despite best intentions, however, share certificates do get misplaced, lost or stolen, and reprinting original share certificates then becomes cumbersome.

InfoDocs makes this a breeze through its easy-to-use Share Allotment and Share Transfer features, and the ability to view and print share certificates in PDF format.

Easily reprint an issued share certificate in three steps:

  1. In the Shareholders Tab, click on Maintain Share Certificates on the right side of the screen:
Screenshot for Maintain Share Certificates Button
  1. In the Share Certificates table, navigate to either the printer icon or the view icon under Actions:
  1. To reprint the certificate, click on the printer icon 🖨 , save the certificate to your computer, and print from there. The view icon 👁  offers you the opportunity to ensure the certificate is correct before saving and printing.

And that’s it! An easy way to reprint share certificates and keep your records updated.

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