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How to add beneficiaries of a trust as beneficial owners

Beneficiaries of trusts need to be manually added as beneficial owners onto InfoDocs. This guide will break down the steps for manually adding beneficial owners in InfoDocs, ensuring you stay compliant and accurate.

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Step 1: Gather the details of the beneficial owner(s):
Full name
ID/Passport number
Country of origin and date of birth
Race and Gender
Physical address
Shareholding percentage and the date they received that percentage
Contact details (phone number and email address
Relationship to the company (e.g., director, trust beneficiary)
A copy of their ID/Passport

Once you've done that you can log in to your InfoDocs portfolio here.

Step 2: Create the trust as a new shareholder on the company you're filing beneficial ownership information for.

Step 3: Go to the Dashboard tab and click File Beneficial Ownership. The trust you created will appear in the list of beneficial owners and we can now add the beneficiary information by clicking +Add Beneficial Owner and filling in the information gathered in step 1 into the relevant fields.

Step 4: You have now added the beneficiaries of a trust as beneficial owners. Click Next to continue with your beneficial ownership submission.

Please note: Manually adding beneficial owners will not update the Register of Beneficial Owners and the Beneficial Ownership Diagram that InfoDocs generates for you. You will need to provide your own version of these documents which include these added beneficial owners and how they're linked to the company..

Updated on: 30/05/2024

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