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How do I reprint a share certificate?

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All companies are required to keep a register of certificated shares (also known as a “share register”). At any time, there may only be one original signed share certificate, and this must be kept in a safe place. Despite best intentions, however, share certificates do get misplaced, lost, or stolen, and reprinting original share certificates then becomes cumbersome.

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InfoDocs makes this a breeze through its easy-to-use Share Allotment and Share Transfer features, and the ability to view and print share certificates in PDF format.

Step 1: Select the company you are working on and head to the Shareholders tab. Click Maintain Share Certificates, on the far right.

Step 2: Click on the printer icon to ensure the certificate is correct before saving and printing.

Step 3: To reprint the certificate, click on the printer icon, save the certificate to your computer, and print from there.

And that’s it! An easy way to reprint share certificates and keep your records updated.

Updated on: 27/12/2023

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