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CIPC transaction fees

Alternatively, you may want to use CIPC eServices or BizPortal directly. Below are the fees which are included in our Pay As You Go (PAYG) pricing.

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For a full list of CIPC forms and fees, you can also refer to their official website.
TransactionCIPC Fee
Company RegistrationR 125.00
Company Registration + Name ReservationR 175.00
Address ChangeFREE
Annual Return (R0-1m Turnover)R 100.00
Annual Return (R1m-10m Turnover)R 450.00
Annual Return (R10m+ Turnover)R 2,000.00
Annual Return (R25m+ Turnover)R 3,000.00
Annual Return (R0-50m Turnover) (Close Corporations)R 100.00
Annual Return (R50m+ Turnover) (Close Corporations)R 4,000.00
Beneficial OwnershipFREE
Auditor ChangeFREE
CIPC DisclosureR 30.00
Company Secretary ChangeFREE
Director ChangesFREE
Financial Year End ChangeR 100.00
Member ChangeFREE
Name ReservationR 50.00
Name ChangeR 250.00
Name Reservation + Name ChangeR 300.00
Public Officer ChangesFREE
Authorised Share ChangeR 250.00

To see what we charge for the same transactions, take a look at our Pay As You Go (PAYG) pricing.

Updated on: 06/02/2024

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