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What is a Certified ID/Passport?

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A certified ID or passport is an identity document that has been certified by a commission of oaths.

For many CIPC transactions such as a new company registrations, director changes or beneficial ownership filings, a certified ID or passport is required.

Failing to meet the CIPC requirements for certification can result in the transaction being delayed or rejected (without refund) so it's important to make sure your certified ID is valid.

How to get a certified ID

The simplest way to get a certified ID is to take a photo of your South African ID book (open on the information page) or ID card (both sides) and print a copy (foreigners can use a passport). Take this copy along with the original ID/passport to the nearest South African Police Services (SAPS) station and ask them to certify it for you.

Please make sure the police officer has included the following (remember, CIPC may reject your transaction if it does not include the following):
Full name and surname
Rank and rank number (in the case of a police officer, otherwise their designation)
Physical address (or business address)
Date of certification (must be within the last 3 months)

Updated on: 05/03/2024

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