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What are Company Records?

Company Records
A record of its directors, including the following detailed information about each director:-
the full name and any former names;
the identity number or date of birth;
the nationality and passport;
the occupation;
the date of their most recent election or appointment;
the name and registration number of any other company or foreign company that the director is a director of;
the address for service for that director; and
any professional qualification and experience of the director in the case of a company that is required to have an audit committee.

Copies of:-
all reports presented at an annual general meeting;
annual financial statements required by the Act;
any accounting records required by the Act;

Notices and minutes of all shareholder meetings, including resolutions taken at those meetings, as well as the documents made available to the shareholders in relation to those resolutions;
Copies of any written communication sent by the company to shareholders; and
Minutes of meetings and resolutions of directors, directors committee, or audit committees.


Updated on: 30/05/2024

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