I made a mistake when recording a share transaction. What do I do now?

Making a mistake during a share transaction is a common occurrence. Often registers contain mistakes and then you might have to go back and rectify them in InfoDocs. With the share deletion feature, you can easily delete a share transaction and correctly redo it without having to delete or purge all your records.

To delete a share transaction, follow the easy steps below:

  1. Navigate to the Shareholders Tab in the company’s profile

2. Click on View Share Transactions on the right side of the screen under Actions

3. All the share transactions for this company should now be visible. Right-click on the faulty transaction you would like to delete.

4. Click on Delete. A pop-up warning will appear. If you are sure that you would like to delete this share transaction, click on OK:

Alternatively, if it’s an incorrect date or incorrect shareholder that you would like to edit, you can click on Edit instead of delete, and the following box will appear:

Here you can change the Transferor or Transferee, as well as the transfer date, save it, and the records will be updated.

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