How to delete a share class

Have you accidentally created an incorrect share class? InfoDocs gives you the ability to delete share transactions and incorrect share classes with the click of a button.

To delete a share class creation, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Navigate to the Shareholders Tab in the company’s profile and select View Share Transacions:

Step 2: All the share transactions for this company should now be visible. Identify the incorrect creation of share class and click on the Delete (trash icon) to delete the faulty transaction.

Step 3: Click on Delete. A pop-up warning will appear. If you are sure that you would like to delete this share transaction, click on OK:

Screenshot of confirmation check.

Note of caution: Be very careful when deleting share transactions, as any share certificates or shares linked to the transaction might be deleted too. Please feel free to contact Support for help if you accidentally deleted the wrong transaction, or if you need help purging your records to start over.

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