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How to submit a compliance checklist

The compliance checklist educates directors and company secretaries on the mandatory requirements all companies have to follow in order to be compliant. The checklist also helps CIPC to monitor and regulate proper compliance. InfoDocs has developed a set of easy yes or no questions for you to answer.

Estimated reading time: 2 minutes

Step 1: Proceed to Company Dashboard and select the [File Annual Return]( option.

Step 2: Click Begin. For now we will skip some of the questions asked to head to the compliance checklist. If you wish to file your annual return, head over to our Help Desk article on how to file your annual returns.

Step 3: Fill in the turnover for the applicable year, select the individual recording and maintaining accounting records and the person responsible for preparing financial statements and reports. In order to “activate” the checklist, you have to fill in the details of the person who performed the independent review. Proceed to select Next.

Step 4: You will then be given the option to choose between the InfoDocs version or the CIPC version.

Step 5: If you selected the InfoDocs version, the system will give you a series of yes or no questions to answer and tailor your results based on these answers.

Step 6: If you selected the CIPC version you will need to answer yes, no, or n/a to the applicable sections of the companies act. You can also fill in reasons as to why the company did or did not comply with the specific section.

Step 7: After answering the checklist review and/or edit your Company Information and click Next.

Step 8: A summary window will pop up to give you a breakdown of your fees. This will be made up of:

Your annual return fee to CIPC (based on your turnover as per the below table)
Any penalties due to late submission
A small submission fee of R50 (not applicable if you have linked your own CIPC customer code)

Annual Return Fees

Choose your payment method and then, click Pay Now. Please ensure that information you have submitted is correct before you submit the annual return filing to CIPC, if you would like to double-check or change something click Back.

Step 9: You have submitted your annual return! Make sure you keep them up to date to avoid company deregistration and non-compliance. You will receive the confirmation certificate from CIPC as soon as the return has been successfully submitted.

Updated on: 29/05/2023

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