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How to know what must be included in the share register

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Every company is required to maintain a share register. The share register forms part of the company records that must remain accessible at the company’s registered address at all times.

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Shareholding is not recorded by CIPC, so it is the directors’ responsibility to ensure that the share register remains available and up-to-date. All share transactions pertaining to the company since its incorporation must be clearly and accurately recorded and include all the details pertaining to the shareholders and their respective allotments/transfers and cancellations.

These details include the following:

Full name/company name/trust name of the shareholder
ID number/passport number/registration number/trust number of the shareholder
Residential address/registered address/physical address of the shareholder
The names and descriptions of the share classes
The total number of shares issued/transferred
The date the transaction occurred
The corresponding share certificates
The total shares currently in issue
The total authorised shares
The total amount paid or price per share

Updated on: 23/05/2023

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