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How to create a B-BBEE affidavit

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Add Company

Step 1: When you have successfully logged into your portfolio, select Add Company and enter the company name or registration number as per your registration certificate.

Step 2: Once you select your company, InfoDocs will automatically pull through all of the information from CIPC. This includes addresses, director details, and registration numbers.

Now that your company is loaded on your portfolio you can navigate to various different sections of the records you would like to maintain.

Create B-BBEE affidavit

Step 1: In the Company tab and in the Administration section, you will click Calculate B-BBEE Level.

Step 2: Fill in the relevant information in the respective fields and click Calculate

Step 3: Download the B-BBEE affidavit provided by InfoDocs.

Updated on: 08/07/2024

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