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How does the InfoDocs Partner Program work

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InfoDocs charges a simple and affordable fee per company. For those that manage multiple companies (typically finance, accounting and legal professionals), we automatically include a partner discount depending on the number of companies you manage.

Here’s how it works:

No. of CompaniesPartner discountPer monthPer year*
1 - 24 companies0%R 39.50R 395.00
25 - 74 companies20%R 31.60R 316.00
75 - 299 companies35%R 25.68R 256.75
300+ companiesRequest a quote

*2 months free with annual subscriptions

Please note: The prices shown are the prices per company monthly or annually.

As you can see, the more companies you manage the greater your partner discount and the less you pay per company.

In addition to partner discounts, we are actively looking for ways to help you grow your company secretarial practice and promote InfoDocs to your clients (incl. the Client Onboarding Document below that can be tailored to your practice).

Feel free to download our InfoDocs Client Onboarding Document 2022

If you’d like to find out more, contact us at

Updated on: 25/07/2023

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