How to resign a company secretary

Resigning or removing a company secretary from your company profile on InfoDocs is easy and simple.

First, navigate to the Directors tab in your company profile and click on the Company secretary you wish to resign. In the Officers tab that opens up, click Terminate Appointment under Actions.

Next, stipulate the date of resignation/removal, and select the Reason for Termination. There are three options to choose from: Resigned, Removed or Deceased. Click on Save to continue.

InfoDocs will generate an Ordinary Resolution along with a Letter of Resignation. These documents can be downloaded and saved. If you wish to access them later, you can find them under the Documents tab in the Template Library.

No supporting documents need to be submitted to the CIPC.

For more detailed information regarding appointing and resigning company secretaries, please see the CIPC article on the subject here.

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