How to request access

In order to ensure the credibility of our data only one account can claim ownership of a company. This helps to ensure that company details are securely regulated by one owner at a time and that the company has the correct details submitted to CIPC.

Log in to your InfoDocs account here. If you don’t already have an account, you can sign up for a free trial.

Follow these simple instructions

Step 1: Navigate to Add Company and search for the relevant/desired company.

Step 2: From the results of the search, you will be given two options. Either the option to add the company to your portfolio or to the option to Request Access. The later would mean that another individual has already imported that company as theirs on InfoDocs.

Step 3: To Proceed, click on the Request Access option. This will automatically redirect you to your email box. Where the company name and our support email will be generated for you. Simply send a short message to request access to the desired company.

Step 4: Our support team will communicate with the party that has access to the requested company and get back to you once communication has been received.

Step 5: If the party denies access that company cannot be added to your InfoDocs account. If access is granted you will either be added as a third party or the company will be transferred to your paying account.