How to manage your annual returns

Annual returns are the yearly fees that must be paid over to the Companies Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC) in order to keep your company registered. With InfoDocs you can manage and submit all your annual returns from one place.

Once you have logged in, choose the company you would like to submit an annual return for. When you are on the Company Dashboard click File Annual Return on the right hand side. A window will pop up to inform you that we only process submissions with a Financial Accountability Supplement (FAS), click Submit Annual Return with FAS.

File Annual Return

Proceed to fill in the turnover (total sales) for the year as prompted. This window will also ask you to supply all the details of your bookkeeper, accountant and if applicable, independent reviewer.

Financial Accountability Supplement (FAS)

Once all of the details are filled in, click Next and enter the contact details and business description, then click Next again.

Calculate Fees

Your fees will be made up of:

  • Your annual return fee to CIPC (based on your turnover as per below table)
  • Any penalties because of late submission
  • A small submission fee of R50

Choose your payment method and then, click Submit to CIPC.


We will send through the confirmation certificate from CIPC to your email as soon as the return has been successfully submitted.

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