How to de-register a company

Company de-registrations are not yet a functionality offered directly by the InfoDocs app. However, a company can be de-registered by following a few simple steps.

  1. A company can be referred for de-registration by writing a letter to the CIPC stating that the company is not carrying on or is dormant, and has no assets or is being liquidated. The letter must be signed by active directors or members, and must include the company’s tax number. The supporting documentation of a tax clearance certificate from SARS and certified ID copies of the signatory must then be collected. These supporting documents, along with the letter must then be emailed to the CIPC for finalisation. The process of de-registration may take up to three calendar months to finalise.
  1. A company de-registration will also be triggered if the company fails to submit Annual returns for two consecutive years. The company will automatically be referred to the CIPC system for de-registration and a notice of de-registration will be sent to the company via registered mail. It is the company’s responsibility to keep their address and contact details updated in order for notifications to be received in a timely manner.

For more details on both these options, please read the CIPC’s helpful article on the subject here.