How to check your CIPC transaction status

Wondering what the next step is after selecting Submit to CIPC? With InfoDocs you never have to worry about the next step, our CIPC Transaction Status Table gives you all the information you need about your transaction and its status!

The CIPC Transaction Table gives you certainty on the status of your CIPC transactions and helps you better manage your transactions. To view your transaction table simply follow these steps below.

Step 1: Log in to InfoDocs and proceed to the Account page and select the View CIPC Transactions feature

Step 2: You will then proceed to the CIPC Transaction Table. Here you are able to filter through all your transactions and also search for a specific company or tracking number via the Search block.

On InfoDocs seven different statuses define the progress of your transaction, they are:

  • Pending: InfoDocs is in the process of submitting the transaction to CIPC.
  • Awaiting Documents: CIPC is processing the transaction on their system and will send you the required documentation
  • Documents Due: CIPC has sent you the required documents. You need to have all the required documents signed and send it to CIPC to proceed to the next step.
  • Awaiting CIPC: CIPC has received the signed documents and are processing the request.
  • CIPC Approved: The transaction has been accepted by CIPC and amended accordingly.
  • CIPC Rejected: CIPC has not accepted the requested and advise the resubmit or try an alternative process to process the submission.
  • CIPC Expired: The documents were not submitted within the specific timeframe stipulated by CIPC, you therefore have to resubmit the request.

If one of your transactions has been delayed and has had the same status for quite some time please send us an email at and our support team will contact you shortly.