How to change a company’s registered address

You can change a company or close corporation’s registered address for FREE directly from InfoDocs with a CIPC address change (COR21/CK2).

From the company dashboard, click View Company Details or the Company tab and proceed to click Edit Company Information.

View Company Details

Scroll down to the Physical and Postal Address details, where you will see options to Change Physical Address and Change Postal Address.

Edit Company Information

This will bring up the Change Registered Address window, from which you can change the Physical Address and/or Postal Address and then click Save.

Change Registered Address

Once you’ve saved the new address, a window will pop up with your pre-populated Ordinary Resolution and a message informing you to finalise the change by clicking Submit to CIPC.


And that’s it! Once submitted, you’ll receive a confirmation email from CIPC with a COR21.1 attached.

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