How to calculate your audit requirement

Private or personal liability companies that are required to be audited by the Companies Act, 2008 or regulation 28, must file a copy of the latest approved Audited  Financial Statements on the date that they file their annual return with the CIPC.

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Step 1: Select the company that requires an annual return to be filed and select File Annual Return.

Step 2: You will then be asked to submit your annual return either with FAS or AFS. If you are not sure which method is applicable to your company specifically, select Calculate Audit Requirement.

Step 3: Proceed to fill in the Public Interest Score (If you are unsure of your score select Calculate Public Interest Score) as well as the other questions. Select Next.

Step 4: InfoDocs will then proceed to identify, based on the answers you provided in the previous step to either file your annual return with AFS or FAS.

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