How to appoint a public officer

All companies are required to appoint a public officer (aka “registered representative”) within one month of incorporation. Public officers must reside in South Africa during their appointment and may either be a director or individual. Once appointed, the company must notify SARS within 14 days to avoid hefty fines.

With InfoDocs, appointing a public officer (or resigning one and appointing another) is quick and easy.

  1. From your company dashboard, navigate to the Directors tab and click Appoint Officer.

2. From here, you can either select an existing director, search for someone on your portfolio or manually enter the details of the individual being appointed. Complete all the fields and click Next.

3. Select the appointment date and position, then click Save.

4. InfoDocs will automatically create an ordinary resolution and letter of consent. Download these documents and close the window. Alternatively, you can access them later in the Documents tab by clicking View Template Library and then selecting PDF Templates.

Please note:
In order to finalise this appointment, you will need to submit the following documents to SARS:

  • Certified ID for the public officer
  • Proof of Residence for the public officer
  • Ordinary Resolution – Public Officer Appointment
  • Company Registration Certificate – COR14.3

For more information, please refer to the SARS website.

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