How to appoint a foreign director

Director changes can be a time-consuming and data-intensive process. InfoDocs allows you to appoint foreign directors with the click of a few buttons, saving time and frustration.

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Follow these easy steps to add a foreign director:

Step 1: Go to the Directors tab and select Appoint Director.

Step 2: Search or select a director you are appointing, if already exist on your profile by using the Individual Search to automatically populate their details. Or manually add and make sure that you untick the SA citizen option box. Fill in the passport number, date of birth, and country of origin and click Next. Then fill in the date of appointment, the appointment type, title, and occupation Level and click Save.

Step 3: Once all the details have been entered correctly select Submit to CIPC.

Step 4: Success! You have now submitted a director appointment to CIPC.

Note: If you have linked your CIPC customer code with InfoDocs you will receive an email from CIPC with the COR39 document attached. If you have not linked the code you will receive an email from InfoDocs with all the supporting documents attached as well as the COR39 document.

Ensure that you return the following supporting documents to

  • Signed COR39 form (minimum 1 director)
  • Signed special resolution
  • recently certified IDs/passports of directors (within 3 months).
  • A mandate from the company if the changes are being made by a third party

Service turnaround time is around 1-5 working days from the date of receipt of the supporting documents. You will receive a certificate from CIPC when the changes have been successfully lodged on their records.

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