How to appoint a company secretary

A company is required by law to appoint a Company Secretary within 40 days of the date of incorporation. The appointed individual must be a permanent resident of South Africa. 

Appointing a Company Secretary is easy with InfoDocs.

Simply navigate to the Directors tab and under Actions, click on Appoint Officer.

In the box that pops up, you can either search for an individual already on your profile, or manually enter the details of the person being appointed. Click Next to continue.

Next, stipulate the date of appointment, and in the Appointment box, select the Company Secretary option. Click Save to continue.

InfoDocs will automatically generate a Resolution and a Consent to Act as Company Secretary. Download and save these documents, or find them in the Template Library later, in the Documents tab under PDF Templates.

*Please Note:

In order to finalise this appointment, submit the change to CIPC and provide the following supporting documents:

  • A complete and signed CoR.44 form
  • A verified/certified copy of the applicant’s ID
  • A proof of address

For more detailed information regarding the finalisation of this appointment, please see the CIPC article on the subject here.

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