Five ways to add companies on InfoDocs

Onboarding company records to InfoDocs is simple. We have five options to ensure all of your records can be loaded to your portfolio with minimal manual input.

  1. Add a company: via Company Search

Log in to InfoDocs and click Add Company on the top right of your profile. In the search box fill in the company name or the company registration number and click Search. Select the result that matches and InfoDocs will automatically pull all of the public company records to your portfolio.

Company Search

2. Add multiple or single companies: via the Director Search

To manage all the companies associated to an individual, select the check box for Director Search next to the Company Search. Fill in the directors name in the search box and select the ID number that matches. All the companies associated with that ID number will be displayed. Select the single or multiple entities that you would like to manage and InfoDocs will import the public company records to your portfolio.

Director Search

If the company already exists on another InfoDocs profile you will either be able to request access or report a concern (in which case, we will personally investigate).

3. No results appearing: Manual Add

If the result does not pop up in your company search it is most likely that the entity is a new and the records are not yet pulling through from the registrar. Head back to Add Company and under the company search box, click Manual add.

Manual Company Registration

A window will pop up to ask you to fill in all the registration details as per your registration certificate (COR14.3). InfoDocs will create a record for you to work from which will automatically merge once the information pulls through from the registrar.

4. Add multiple companies: Bulk Import

If you need to add multiple entities at once, create a list of your companies and their registration numbers. Send the list through to we will do a bulk import. Adding 100+ companies will take less than 1 hour.

5. New Company Registration

InfoDocs supports new company registrations from your profile. Have a look at this manual to take you through the process.

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