InfoDocs is now officially powered by Legalese

“InfoDocs, an online solution for managing company records, has announced today that they have secured a partnership with Legalese, a creative legal agency that provides tailor-made legal solutions for businesses.”

This follows the news from last month, where InfoDocs announced a partnership with Intergreatme to help customers gain access to their verified identity documents. By partnering with Legalese, InfoDocs will now be able to provide simple, affordable and professional legal templates to the over 3,000+ companies that currently use InfoDocs to manage their company records.

When Josh Alexandre, Founder and CEO of InfoDocs, first met Eitan Stern, Founder and director of Legalese, it was in a tent at Afrikaburn. Since then, both companies have grown, and the two entrepreneurs have formed a close partnership, with Legalese providing InfoDocs with over 40 professional and legally compliant template documents for use on their platform.

This is how it works: InfoDocs is fully integrated with CIPC, which reduces the need for manual data capturing, resulting in quick and easy transactions (e.g. appointing or resigning directors, allotting or transferring shares). Legalese on the other hand, provides high-end, legal documents that are easy to read and understand, removing the “legalese” so to speak. These documents are then made available on InfoDocs as pre-populated templates with all the required information and necessary legal-speak to make them official.

Some of the most popular Legalese templates that InfoDocs clients frequently use are special resolutions to appoint directors, ordinary resolutions to allot shares and the incorporation minutes of directors’ meetings. Other templates available include general minutes, resolutions and appointment and resignation letters. Once your company is loaded onto the system, the templates are pre-populated and can be downloaded in either Word or PDF format.

What makes these templates so amazing, is that they can be pre-populated with historic transactions (the minute you add a company). These templates will now carry the “Powered by Legalese” stamp, verifying that its content has been drafted by a lawyer.

Josh commented, “Eitan and his team are doing amazing work, and we are thrilled to be working with them. We have a shared vision about the accessibility and affordability of legal services. In the end, it comes down to empowering entrepreneurs.”

Likewise, Eitan mentioned, “The InfoDocs product is one we had thought about building for a while because of the logical need for it in the SA market. We were relieved when Josh came knocking on our door to say he’d built it.”

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